Sector 28

Sector 28

Lightweight and simple

While choosing materials and making design decisions, lightweight functionality and comfortable fit were my primary concerns for the Sector backpack line.  Trying to determine what was essential and necessary allowed me to focus on the features that matter most to the “light and fast” user as well as allowing for cleaner construction that reduced cut/sew costs.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the necessary so that the necessary may speak.”  ~Hans Hoffman

To see the 42 Liter version and more on the design process click here

Factory Partnership

Understanding factory procedures and construction methods was important so that I could improve technical specifications, gain better insight into the costing implications of various design methods, and bring new innovations to products

About the Sector backpack line:

There are six packs in the Sector Pack line.  Two front panel loaders at 22 + 35 liters, two top loaders at 28 + 42 liters, a women’s specific 40 liter top loader, and a small waist pack.   As part of the design brief, I was given the challenge of assuring that all packs shared many of the construction parts (shoulder straps, hip belt, etc) to mitigate cost.  It was also important to give the packs a unique identity while giving each pack some unique features.

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