Sector 42

Sector 42

Adjustable fit

The 42 is the largest of the Sector series.  It shares the same design aesthetic and attention to materials as the other Sector packs.  For more information on the initial design process please see the Sector 28.

In addition to the larger size, what differentiates the 42 is it’s adjustable harness that fits torsos from 17″-20″.   The 42 has a stable aluminum stay and frame sheet that can be easily removed by weight conscious hikers, taking 6 oz. out of the overall pack weight.

Getting it Right

Getting it right sometimes means getting hands on and getting behind a sewing machine or building a jig to make frame bends.

Getting it right also means testing, revising, and evaluating options with a variety of outdoor folks. A good pack fit relies on the “sum of it’s parts”.

Hip belt curve, shoulder strap length, frame stay bend, and back panel all work together for equal weight dispersion and a positive user experience.

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