This is Grave Digger

Meet my beloved Grave Digger a custom 650b built by my husband Kristofer Henry, owner of 44 Bikes. Yes, I named her after the infamous monster truck. She is by far my most prized worldly possession. The single track trails that we access from our New Hampshire backyard are often muddy, wet, with lots of rocks and roots. I never thought a bike could inspire so much riding confidence, but she does. A big part of that confidence is her nimble and responsive feel that comes from the personalized fit and the frame geometry.

What’s with the #205 on the seat tube badge? Kris has each customer pick a lucky number that has some sort of personal meaning.  So I picked lucky number 205. Most people have 206 bones in their body, but I have 205. Quite a few years ago, rock climbing was my one and only passion. As a result of training and overuse I developed a medical condition called thoracic outlet syndrome that impinged my subclavian vessels. To fix the problem, a surgeon took out a top rib to make room for the vessels. The number recalls this difficult time of being in the hospital. So, whenever I feel I can’t make it up another hill or through a difficult technical section I look at the number and remind myself how fortunate I am to be healthy and quite alive.

K.Henry, 44 Bikes